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Every Monday at 10pm EST Ohdoctah and Jason are talking sports. Tune into diamondclub.tv.
This week with a guest Rashan Reeves aka @babyblack77 co host of Momentum Shift.

0:00 NCAA MENS BB Championship
8:05 Womens Ucon Loss
22:00 Westbrook MVP? Locked up?
26:30 Should wins matter in MVP?
29:30 KD IS back – GSW front runners for the chip?
33:30 Cavs in the club after a loss
36:50 The Masters Ratings
40:40 NFL Draft in Philly “the draft experience”
44:20 Tony Romo tv personality?
47:40 Dez Bryant Educating black folk

  • Too funny! Love it O!

    • It’s funny because it’s true! Thanks for stopping by!

  • I was watching this and then saw you’re vid with kevin and raven’s jersey in the related vid! hahaha I used to be a fan (don’t tell anyone because pittsburgh will KILL me!)

    • Lmao girl I gotta get you a Eagles jersey! LA doesn’t have a team.