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Great interview with Phil Libin. Calm guy with his eye on the future. He is doing stuff that I’m sure one day very soon will come main stream. Very even tempered guy so much so he even calms me down out of rants lol which is impossible. Wanna know about him… watch and listen.

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  • I’m passionate about Disney. 🙂

  • I am passionate about the outdoors and the education you gain when put in a difficult situation outside of your everyday comfort zone.

  • dlund

    I´m passionate about my first business idea, that I just had two days ago 😀

  • I’m passionate about my job — cataloguing at my local library!
    tinaatdpl on twitter

  • A Useda

    I am passionate about writing and organizing. Great video!

  • I’m passionate about helping people use technology for business and explaining it to them in simple and effective means.

  • I’m passionate about doing some good with the success that God has given me. If we can’t reach out and give some back, what’s the real purpose of spending all of this time and energy building up a business / brand / career? Only in giving to others in need – in lifting up those who need a hand – in teaching those who want to learn – can we truly leave a meaningful legacy. r

  • I am passionate about web design, hip-hop, poetry, and of course, people who make videos better than TV! I’m also passionate about promoting other people’s music as well as my own.

  • other than me wife and two kids nothing else much matters.. Up until late last year used to be all about tech. now … its all about the family.

  • I am passionate about beer. Not that crappy light lager that is pushed down people’s throats. I’m talking about craft beer that takes a true artist to make. People have no idea what kinds of flavors you can find in beer. I am certain I can find/make a beer that anyone will love, except for those that are allergic to certain ingredients….you guys just get a high five. I am ready to open by own brewery next year in the SF Bay Area, and I expect you, ohdoctah, to come drop by next time you’re in town.

    I already got my first edition signed copy of GaryV’s book, so don’t worry about this being the best answer you’re going to get. I will let someone else feel Gary’s thunder.

    • This is why I love you dude! Sucks we didn’t get to link up when I was out west. I’ll be back tho! Make sure you hit up my FACEBOOK Fan page and comment you want to talk to GV.. the winner of that will be random!

  • bellaziza

    I’m passionate about my brand Bellaziza. It’s the core of everything that inspires me… starting with my daughter Isabella Aziza, who the company is named after. I love business and the children’s product industry whether fashion or toys, strollers or anything else… as long as it’s the best of the best. The details of these products really inspire me and are truly my passion. I WANT THIS BOOK OWEN:)! I NEED to CRUSH IT Bellaziza style!

  • I am so darn passionate about making people giddy and smile, that I will do anything to make it happen.

    Oh, and candy… yeah, I rock that too!

    Much love to you and your fam, Owen! 😀

  • Mr. Stone…

    My name is Edward Paz and I am passionate about inspiring individuals to enthusiastically DISCOVER, DEVELOP and DISPLAY their dream!

    I experience my greatest joy when an individual begins pursuing their passion, purpose, dreams and destiny as a result of inspiring content that I have either created or introduced to them!

    Thanks for the consideration for Gary V’s book, and I look forward to following your company IQMZ as a fan on facebook! Have a BLESSED day!

  • What a great contest….i will pass it on…xo

  • I’m passionate about Macaroni and Cheese. Like really passionate …@MacCheesy

  • Other than boating, fishing and enjoying SUMMER here on the Jersey Shore – passion around embracing social media communication modes and helping with the filtering and management of it all! Help us with the information overload side of the real-time internet.