Had a great time interviewing trading stories with Georgia Dow. We laughed, we cried, and we shared each other secrets… well she gave up a major secret! Sit back listen up or watch and enjoy the show!

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Catching up with an old friend Dan Patterson. As men do we chop it up and talk about the world. I think we even fixed the world! But then again what do I know?


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ISIS Wants Me <— take the time it’s a great read.


OhDoctah and JayGlock are talking sports and the latest topics!

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Show story links

Russell vs Young Beef: http://es.pn/25vtN5g

WNBA Rim: http://nyti.ms/1Q3qpTH

Coach Lebron: http://bit.ly/1S5MK7B

Germany Black Face: http://huff.to/25zqryc

RG3 & Browns: http://bit.ly/1ZOoObU


It’s story telling time! I’m just spending the time telling you what others told me this week. If you are in a relationship how do you handle or split up the money? I heard some things this week that opened my eyes for how things can go wrong sometimes.


It doesn’t matter what happens if the Donald becomes Rome will burn… I plan on going back to sleep lol wake me if things go sideways.

Fun Times with Tom and Brian on CordKillers.
Is Sling TV a success? Why ESPN is lying to you. The FCC wants to save the past.

People often have a hard time seeing both sides of a story. I take a lil time of my day to defend some of the things we hate in the world right now! Enjoy the show it starts with a bang.. I defend Hitler??