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Drug Dealer; Google Introduces New Product Buzz

Google is a drug dealer?the worst kind; a dealer that creates a constant flow of new, exotic drugs. And the drugs are mostly free. I recently heard someone say, “If you’re not working for Google in the next 15 years, I’d assume that you are out of work.” Every passing day this seems more likely to be true.

Didn’t hear the Buzz? Watch the video:

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Superbowl Ads That Hate Women? #sb44

I love football. I have a favorite team, but I will never own them. I’m not the caveman sports fan. This allows me to love the sport as a whole and enjoy a good game no matter who is playing.

This year’s Super bowl Sunday which was also dubbed via the web as #brandbowl had the worst ads over all that I can remember. I base this on my own personal laugh out loud moments or WOW moments. To which I had only three total.
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My Grandmother Invented Social Media


Here it is 2010 and it?s the year social media makes money, right? Sure, why not. Everyone loves a band wagon and buzz words. I mean, I read all these posts and read profile after profile of people who call themselves gurus and ninjas. At some point it, all seems a little silly.
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PR Is Dating SM an interview with @ssmirnov

Public Relations is a dead industry! If you think that, I will help you out from under that rock you have been hiding under. Social Media is not God. It?s not here to save you or your business. It?s a tool that is meant to help you create leverage.

Now, I will admit that for a split second about a year ago I thought ?Who needs PR.. brands can do it themselves!!? Then I slapped myself (literally) and quickly woke up.Stephanie and Ohdoctah

Public relations as a discipline is very much alive and well. And the same basic rules still apply. If you?re a small business or a personal brand, you more than likely don?t need to be represented by a PR firm. But if you are a big business or a celebrity, you most definitely need to have an experienced PR team on your side.
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Forget 2010 To Me It’s 1950

Happy New Year to everyone! There will be countless articles and videos regarding twenty ten. Everything from predictions to resolutions of what?s up for this year in business. I?m going to walk way out on a limb and start by saying I could care less about most business models for 2010. I do business like I?m living in the 50s — the 1950s, to be exact.America-in-the-1950s

If you overlook the racism and, of course, the sexism, it was a golden era for business, at least here in America. It was a time when people actually knew who sold them products and provided them services. It was a time when people knew their banker by name and the banker knew them, their families and took a geniune, personal interest in who his customers were.

For me, this is not a huge thing. In fact, this is the way I?ve done business for the past 10 years ? actually, it?s the way I?ve always done business. And I?ll continue doing it that way. You can talk all day about how ?Social Media? has changed the game. The reality is that anyone who says that hasn?t been in the game of business for very long. If they have, it wasn?t a business they built themselves. In the end, it?s all about the people and customer service and a quality product.
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#CanIJustSay that this is going to be fun!

Hashtags on Twitter are underestimated.

In the beginning trending topics used to have a lot more meaning than they do now. Using hashtags was a way to gauge what was a hot topic and it’s relevance in respect to the Twittersphere. Then they became the target of spam and companies using them for give aways and to drum up awareness. Yes, that even includes conference chatter and other memes.
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The @3Lunches Project

When I was in LA for the #140conf a few months ago, I ran into Carol Quinn aka @3Lunches. Our interaction was brief, but the thought of three lunches stuck in my head because?well, I love food.

When I got home I connected with Carol via Twitter and went and checked out

How the @RSHotel is Building a Community

Community is something everyone in the social space is looking to build and, personally, I think that?s extremely hard. When clients approach me to work with them on building community and loyalty, I always tell them to be prepared ? as it?s an exercise that requires patience, dedication and, most of all, engagement. There are some shining examples of folks who are doing a terrific job at community building ? like my friends at The Roger Smith Hotel aka @RSHotel in New York City.

I got to know Adam J Wallace aka @adwal and Brian Simpson aka @Bsimi (private) on Twitter long before I knew anything about The Roger Smith Hotels. But, as our relationships developed, I began to pay more attention to what they were doing, how they were engaging and what kind of influence and loyalty they were building as a result of their genuine interest in and effort towards building community on behalf of the hotel. They work together to ensure that the social outreach for the hotel runs smoothly and are always coming up with new and innovative ideas, which makes them interesting, exciting and worthy of attention. Here?s an interview I did recently with @adwal that tells more about their philosophy:
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Why Women Thrive In Social Media; A Tale of Three Blondes

On Tuesday Dec 1st I was in NYC shooting videos and attending a #140conf meet up. I had a great day hanging at the Roger Smith Hotel aka @RSHotel where I shot of a few of my videos. That night I was literally surrounded by a bevy of blondes and a few brunettes. As I looked around the room, the amount of women easily doubled the amount of men.

When you think of the top names in social media, a list of men come to mind easily. It?s harder to think of women who are dominant in this space. That being said women are more social and they outnumber the amount of men in the space. Collectively women are swarming in masses creating tsunami waves of influence.
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