This week talking about violence by and against law enforcement. It’s becoming to much. Everyday it’s something new. We can do better. Hopefully we can all come together and find a way to fix things.

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Talking with @Jayglock a former officer about the state of police encounters. We also do a sports talk show together if you are into sports!


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Had a great time interviewing trading stories with Georgia Dow. We laughed, we cried, and we shared each other secrets… well she gave up a major secret! Sit back listen up or watch and enjoy the show!

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Catching up with an old friend Dan Patterson. As men do we chop it up and talk about the world. I think we even fixed the world! But then again what do I know?


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ISIS Wants Me <— take the time it’s a great read.


It’s story telling time! I’m just spending the time telling you what others told me this week. If you are in a relationship how do you handle or split up the money? I heard some things this week that opened my eyes for how things can go wrong sometimes.


People often have a hard time seeing both sides of a story. I take a lil time of my day to defend some of the things we hate in the world right now! Enjoy the show it starts with a bang.. I defend Hitler??


Jumping back into the deep end of the pool creating content. This was the first of many podcasts. Hold tight because the topics can go anywhere and no where fast!