In today’s IQMZ Tech we talk about Microsoft releasing the HoloLens Developer Edition at a surprisingly high price of $3,000.

The HoloLens is an augmented reality headset that enables you to overlay graphics on a physical environment. Unlike virtual reality headsets, the HoloLens enhances the real world rather than replaces it.

Apple has unveiled a new set of emojis that include a diverse set of new characters participating in sports and other activities. These characters are both gender and racially diverse.

A new rainbow flag emoji has also been added in support of the LGBT community.

Perhaps the most controversial change comes by way of the gun emoji, which has long been represented as a revolver. It is being replaced with a water pistol, a move that Apple hopes both curves the growing gun issue in the United States without upsetting too many gun enthusiasts.

We check in on each other randomly and this time we just taped the conversation. I feel like TomMerritt is my brother but it’s hard to figure out who is cooler! Fun show we talk about life and random things writing something seems silly.. watch or listen! Subscribe!!

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This week talking about violence by and against law enforcement. It’s becoming to much. Everyday it’s something new. We can do better. Hopefully we can all come together and find a way to fix things.

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Talking with @Jayglock a former officer about the state of police encounters. We also do a sports talk show together if you are into sports!


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