The tech behind Lady Gaga’s Grammy’s performance, self-parking chairs, Apple’s ongoing battle with the FBI, Facebook Messenger is getting ads, and more on today’s TechDoc!

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Omote Living Makeup with Projection Mapping

Nissan’s self-parking robot chairs tidy up offices

Senator drafting bill to criminalize Apple’s refusal to aid decryption

Google CEO Sundar Pichai backs Tim Cook over Apple-FBI controversy

Google Launches Fresh-Grocery Deliveries

Facebook Plans To Put Ads In Messenger

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Brisbane BMW Series 3 Launch

Lady Gaga + Intel Performance

Explore Your Dual World – Human Face Video Mapping

It is OK to fail. Sometimes it is the ONLY option that you have and the only time it is true failure is if you didn’t learn something from the experience. Think about how many “failures” led to great success…

Bands who got turned down over and over and over again until they finally got signed. Later they would go on to be award winning artists.

Inventors that worked relentlessly to make something only to have to start over again and again.

Athletes that couldn’t hit a ball, dunk a basket or throw a pass… who later grew up to lead teams to their championships.

It is OK to fail… sometimes.

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If you want to check out the book by Pat Flynn that I gave away, check it out here. You may find something great in it for your next big idea!

It’s our debut episode! Owen JJ Stone, Brian Brushwood and Tony  talk about a ridiculous amount of topics. From the best sci-fi movie to Owen getting angry at someone on Twitter, hilarity ensues from the moment the episode begins.

We all have relationships… Friendships, families, work friends. How we have communicated over the years have made a huge shift in how we manager those relationships. We are more distracted than ever with technology.

I talk about ways to build the strong relationships and friendships in an age where we are connected 24/7

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Saw #DeadPool tonight with some friends. Leiyah wanted to go. I showed her the RED trailer. She still wanted to go. There was about 3 minutes where she had to close her eyes…. Odd sex scenes lol. We read comics all the time. I don’t think you should take your kid unless you know your kids maturity level. There were a lot of young boys there but ppl looked at me because I brought my daughter there.

Even the ticket taker took time to question my choice after two younger boys went in right before us. I hate the way we look at women from top to bottom. Women are not weak they are not lesser than. She loved the movie. And expressed how inappropriate he was sometimes lol. Smart girl that now wants to be Deadpool for halloween! (currently a blue belt killing it towards her black belt goals.)

Thanks Ryan Reynolds for making up for Green Lantern and making one of the best comic book movies. True to the comics!! GO SEE IT!