Makings some changes to the podcast… WAY too serious so far and I am less serious than that normally. On this episode I talk about fears and doubts. I go through some of the fears (or phobias really) that I have, how I work through them and how I face them. I also talk about some of the doubts I have about myself and even with what I do every single day.

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We all have mornings. It’s a fact of life. How you start your day can be a HUGE factor in how the rest of the day goes. In this episode, I talk about my morning routines, the areas I see I can improve and I talk about the book that really got me looking at the routines that I did have. I even have direct links to purchase the book on the website, if you are so inclined.

If you are interested in Hal Elrod’s book, The Morning Miracle, you can get it at Amazon through the link below. All purchases help to support the Live Life Loudly podcast and of course Hal Elrod and his amazing book!

Added something new to this podcast too… I observed a sign that made me more confused than enlightened and I talk about it.

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Happy Black History month here are some awesome inventors and their inventions you may or may not know! You can find most of the inventors I mentioned at There are tons of things I couldn’t put in the video take some time with the kids and learn something. 🙂

Jumping back into the deep end of the pool creating content. This was the first of many podcasts. Hold tight because the topics can go anywhere and no where fast!


We all have something to complain about from time to time. If you don’t or never have.. CONGRATS! You are the unicorn of humanity!

We all deal with traffic, work, money issues, almost anything really. Today I talk about ways I help reduce the stress that comes with it.

Community Challenge – What are some of the things that you commonly have a complaint about? How you tried limiting your complaining to 5 minutes MAX and how did it help… or did it?

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Apple scores record profits, Periscope adds GoPro functionality, and the latest additions to Firefox are all covered in today’s IQMZ Tech.

I talk today about being a self-described introvert and things I am doing to retrain my brain to not feel that fear. We all have it from time to time, some just have it worse than others.

Definition: introverted

of, denoting, or typical of an introvert.

Synonyms: shy, reserved, withdrawn, quiet

Since the 1920’s and ongoing a huge spike in the term or identification of being introverted has been recognized. I wasn’t always an introvert myself. I think I started becoming more and more of one in the last 15 or 20 years.

Community Challenge – Are you an introvert? How do you work around that and how do you manage your friendships and relationships?

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It is too easy to be the mouse in your every day life. The mouse will sit quietly, watching for all the dangers around him. He scurries about just trying to not make waves and getting noticed.

The lion is proud and makes his presence known! He doesn’t hope for the approval of others and he isn’t quiet about his needs and his intentions.

Community Challenge – How are you going to be the lion and not the mouse this week?

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